Focus on Partnership

“Does it add value for our partners who entrust us with their assets?” This question is at the core of what drives every business decision we make at Twin Keel Capital, even if the answer comes at the expense of the firm’s resources. Twin Keel’s success is defined by our partners’ success.

Push for Innovation

Transformational ideas are rarely the easiest to implement as they require rigorous testing and organizational buy-in. At Twin Keel Capital, we embrace the idea that major developments require more than incrementalist thinking and action.

Celebrate Frugality

Organizational resources are not infinite. Fiscal restraint breeds innovation and resourcefulness and allows us to return more value to our partners, who have entrusted us with the management of their hard-earned assets.

Strive To Evolve

Good is the enemy of great. In an evolving world, continuous improvement is essential for success. We believe process optimization is performance optimization, and this cycle of improvement never ends.

Embrace Reality

Success is achieved by capturing and reflecting reality more accurately than other market participants. It’s not just about understanding the “what” but also the “why.” This requires an organization that embraces honesty, self-reflection, and curiosity.

Foster Trust

Effective collaboration requires trust. Achieving trust requires an alignment of incentives, candid communication, attentive listening, and appreciation for each individual’s contribution to the team’s effort.

Adhere to a Process

It’s not a true strategy without a consistently applied and documented approach. It’s through a process that we manage complexity to extract value.

Value Diversity

The value of each person added to the organization is derived from that person’s uncorrelated way of thinking and the unique skill sets that he or she brings to solve the same problem. Diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and thoughts, with shared values and principles, is the foundation of sound decision-making, and it is at the heart of what drives Twin Keel Capital’s culture.

Maintain Humility

Everyone makes mistakes. We all have strengths and limitations. We all have blind spots and areas for self-improvement. No one has all the ideas, and those ideas can come from anywhere. Debate and open-mindedness are necessary to achieve the best possible outcome as a group. No one is above constructive criticism or below praise. Humility is crucial to producing consistent investment results. The better our performance is, the humbler and more self-critical we need to be. Those who are overconfident tend to underappreciate risk.